I’m so upset right now and also v pissed off someone make me not want to kill myself


My loves :) I love them so much! They saved me! on We Heart It.

*hits on every male friend*

Anonymous asked:

how tall are you? you look fairly tall! :)


i’m 5’8 & a half (:

my mom’s like 5’11 & my dad 6’1, so I was actually supposed to be taller but I’m so happy I’m not & I stopped growing like 3 years ago so that’s fucking great ayeeeee

questions like these make me so happy idk random questions awww

We don’t speak about painful irony, like seeing a doctor smoke or hearing about the school bus that ran over the child. We don’t want to remember the torment of how you get cut by the one who was supposed to throw away the blade.
- my writing (via sixpenceee)

(via sixpenceee)


I had to let Anthony know what Hannah did tonight